I am a narcissist

I have depression

I think I’m smart

I don't think a smart person would make a website that says 'I AM SMART'

I don't think a dumb person would either

I am never fishing for compliments

I don’t think writing is a spectator sport

I reordered this list for cohesion after writing this one

I am concerned about future-proofing this list

I am suddenly unsure about writing this list at all

I brush my teeth twice daily – but I didn’t a year ago

The above item was said on August 23rd, 2018 at 12:41AM

I am currently sitting in my chair

There are blankets on my legs

I have to be at work in 7 hours

Somehow this turned into a blog entry

I am proud of this website

I never feel like I create enough

My therapist told me that I need to learn how to balance

I fetishize the concept of a depressed writer having a therapist

Fuck you, Dan Harmon

But not ‘fuck you,’ because we all need a little help

Now I’m sidetracked from making a list of facts about myself

I weigh 145 pounds as of this morning (see above date)

I ate approximately 1 ½ cups of chocolate cake icing today

I ate a ⅓ pound burger with bacon and a fried egg for dinner

The icing came before the dinner

I am an adult

I pay a car payment

I do not want kids – but I am open to it after I accomplish what I want to in life

I am not certain the latter will ever happen

I do not want to live where I live

The preceding item may be untrue at the time of reading. If so, wait 2-3 years and read again

A dead watch is correct twice a day

I am unhappy with my day job

The preceding item may be untrue at the time of reading. If so, wait 3-6 months and read again

Believe it or not, this list has had drafts

I am outside

I was not outside before, but I am now

My eyelids are heavy

I am a writer

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